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November 6, 2011
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Wolves of Toradh by Druid-Ulises Wolves of Toradh by Druid-Ulises
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I decided to do a bust lineup for the werewolves of #Toradh-Ireland. A kind of werewolf pedigree.

Werewolves, int he Toradh setting, are a bit of elitists when it comes to genealogy and heritage. There are proud and noble creatures, who pride themselves on where they come from. I decided to use the various werewolves are pedigree examples, much like the selkies, they are all very different. Below I will post their pedigree and how other werewolves would view them.
As more werewolves are added to the group, they will be added to this chart. (Green shows favorable heritage, while red- not so much). "Purebreed" werewolves are actually the result of a werewolf and human parent. The child of a werewolf and human has some chance of being born a werewolf. A child not born a werewolf is called in Kinfolk, and are often used for breeders to make a good line of purebreed wolves. Werewolves prefer the mating between a human and werewolf, as much like Scottish Fold Cats, if two are breed together, recessive genes show up and the children either have health or mental problems, or are deformed. A child of an ordinary human (Non kinfolk) and werewolf isn't as pure breed, but still preferred.
While two werewolves may love each other, they cannot mate (For fear of deformities). These inbred werewolves have many problems and others are often cautious around them, but they are still kin. Because they are such elitists, a turned werewolf is viewed as an outside, someone who must prove they are worthy of the gift. They are avoided and not trusted, as they do not know how to control the inner wolf and are often very dangerous.

Vivyan & Rafael: Being twins, these two have the same pedigree. They come from an impressive lineage of werewolves and kinfolk, with their father being the leader of the Galway pack. This, in a way, makes them akin to werewolf royalty. Their strong heritage shows in the fact that the twins were both born with the gift, something that rarely happens. Their blood is thick with wolf blood, and rumored fae blood as well. In addition, both have been raised in the society, and have gone off to earn themselves impressive educations. They are both nearly equal in the sense, Vivyan only slightly above her brother. With her business experience and personal drive, she is the best candidate to be the leader of the Toradh Pack.

Victoria: Victoria is the example of an extra-ordinary werewolf. She has a good heritage behind her, born from a werewolf an a kinfolk. Her beautiful features, pelt, and markings show signs of impressive breeding, most likely kinfolk parent and a long line of kinfolk and werewolves. Her eyes, very human and blue, are rare. She is seen as unique, exotic, a treasure amongst the werewolves.

Fiddle Sticks: Also known as Katie, comes from a good pedigree from her lineage in Canada. Resembling the native wolves of their forests, her beast form is an impressive sight. Even in this form, Katie still retains a docile and gentle personality, a trait rarely seen and very much admired amongst the werewolf community. She was lucky enough to be raised in the culture, and have a family member there for her during her changes. Though quirky, she is well educated, and very well mannered.

Mailin: Mailin is the example of an above average werewolf. Her eyes are feral, and her coat is silky and gorgeous, with an above average color to it. She is uncommon, much like the girl-next-door werewolf. Well liked, and anyone would be lucky to be related to her. Her genes would be seen as very good, she is an acceptable werewolf.

Dimitri: Dimitri shows obvious signs of breeding with perhaps feral werewolves, or exotic ones, so even though a mutt, his mother's exotic heritage makes him a very unique werewolf. His features are more of an African dog's than a wild wolf's, which lowers his pedigree, but only in the eyes of the purebred Irish, elitist wolves. Though he has lived a lot of his life as a stray, he is a very docile werewolf, very much in control of his actions and wolf, which is a very good trait for a werewolf to have.

Brendan: Brendan is the result of an ordinary human mother, so therefor his pedigree is not as good. He is the example of a common, average werewolf. Her red coat is a sign of the recessive red gene, and his eyes shine like a cat's in the light, and are "pupilless", signs that he may have fae/half fae heritage somewhere along his family tree (considered good in Celtic areas). Though his lineage is seen as decent, Brendan has serious anger issues, and is often prone to lose control.

Axle: As an orphan, who cannot speak for his own heritage, it is assumed the worse of him. With his extremely feral and intimidating appearance, his pedigree is assumed to be feral, and awful, perhaps even inbred, though because its unsure he is innocent until proven guilty in that aspect. With a bad pelt, common coloring, pupilless eyes, and scars, he gives off the appearance of a rogue, and dangerous. He would probably be feared or avoided by others of his kind.

Cora: Cora is an inbred, the child of two werewolves, so is pitied and looked down upon by her kind. With her possible mental deformities, people will keep their distance. Her unusual fur is a sign possibly from the inbreeding, and her extremely feral eyes and deformed tail will be an obvious sign for people to keep away, wary she may snap or attack. While she is looked down upon, she is still considered kin, and is still somewhat accepted in society.

Nasim : Of course an afflicted werewolf is seen as poor and unfortunate; usually a lesser being, but they are usually accidents, created by rogue, afflicted werewolves themselves. When it is given to them from a naturally born werewolf, the sire is more seen as the lesser in this case. Nasim will be pitied by others, and still probably have some stigma to her name, but she is technically Brendan's responsibility now, as she was turned by him. Surprisingly enough, her coat hints that her family line may have had Kinfolk or werewolf heritage, back in Africa.

Nhu : Be it by accident or by choice, a turned wolf is still an outsider wolf. They were not born with, or ever meant to carry what is deemed as the gift. Most werewolves, if knowing what she was, would shun or look down upon her. However, she was lucky enough to have the looks of an average werewolf, minus a fer feral traits, and with her tenacity, ambition, as well as her interest in the occult and supernatural, she has the chance to learn her way into the society, if needed, and pass for one of their own.

Apollo: Nothing is worse than being turned. Considered an outsider, and despised, he is deemed unworthy. He will be near completely avoided by others of his newfound species, as he will have nowhere near the amount of control a born werewolf would, and no knowledge of the society. His odd pelt, coloring, pupilless eyes, structure, and odd tongue show that he is an outsider, turned as opposed to born. He is unliked, and if he wants to be accepted, has to work three times the amount to be even remotely accepted.

For :icontoradh-ireland:

Vivyan belongs to =ghillietoes42
Rafael belongs to ~Thriron
Victoria belongs to ~CreatureCreatingBabe
Fiddle Sticks belongs to *Throntre
Mailin belongs to *Katha88
Brendan belongs to me
Dimitri belongs to ~Ana-Mizuki
Axle belongs to *fih-leh
Cora belongs to*SahrunLunar
Nasim belongs to ~ThatCarelessFairy
Nhu belongs to ~BooBoo-Bo-Jangles
Apollo belongs to *fih-leh
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DolphinSilverwolf Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
"You can collect them all!"
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I LOVE the way you draw wolven faces. I'm especially fond of Cora's and Dimitri's.
Druid-Ulises Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you very much!

I might have to be doodling more of them soon, now that we have two African werewolves in the group.
CrimsonArk Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh cool! 8D
I would love to join, but I am horrible at getting distracted, and I would hate to do that to you. ^^;
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If you wanted to join, you really don't need to worry about it. Some of our members are really active, and some are on and off. If you want to, its fine. You can leave and come back whenever you like.
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I even do sometimes use a technique to faintly add color to sketches, but that can come out wonky sometimes haha.
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Aww, thank you! :hug: That will be a lot of help for me. I have very little experience with art programs. ^^;
Ana-Mizuki Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012
I love how colourful our wolves are. And how we now have two african mutts.
Druid-Ulises Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Student General Artist
I love the African mutts! I should draw them together at some point.

And it is a nice mix color wise, everyone for the most part is still pretty natural toned.
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